Criative Sustainability

about Dynasty farm

It's All About the Animals...

We started small with just a few animals. But farms have a way of growing and taking on a life of their own. Almost ten years later, Dynasty Farm now has over 40 alpacas, many different rare breed chickens, geese and pheasants, as well as horses, angora rabbits and two Great Pyrenees guardians to keep everyone safe. We have spent years testing different methods of livestock management to find the best ways to keep our animals naturally comfotable in all seasons, as happy as they can be and well nourished. We love to have visitors and tours, and are always willing to show people what we do with our animals. We also enjoy implementing new ways to incorporate sustainable and green practices in all aspects of our farm. Our goal is to create the most natrual, peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle for our four-legged friends.


A profitable & sustainable small-scale farm?

There is no question we love what we do... but small farms rarely pay for themselves. Look around and you will see many different small-scale farming operations. Whether they be "hobby farms" or small family farms handed down for generations, it is increasingly difficult for any small-scale farm to be profitable. It is simply not possible to compete with giant industrial operations, who have made mass production with not-so-natural methods the industry standard.

Increasingly, though, people are rediscovering the benefits of "real" products-- the kind of food and handmade goods that have been around for generations, without any chemicals or genetic modification required and lovingly made by hand. Individuals are enjoying the satisfaction of supporting small local businesses rather than franchises and large corporations and are willing to spend a little more for food and products they have watched grow, from people they get to know. This movement is imperative for the success of small-scale farming, but it is not enough to maintain profitability in farming. In order for a farm to be profitable, it needs to be sustainable... it also needs to be criative!